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I’m over on Writing Without Limits for an author spotlight interview. Come on over to hear about I became enamoured with writing and what pushed me into writing professionally…


We here at Writing Without Limits have been honored to host such authors as Hugo award nominated writer, Brian Paone, up and coming writer, Tricia DiSandro and many others. Today, we bring you a lovely interview with Mikhaeyla Kopievsky who is here to promote her latest book, Resistance – Divided Elements: Book 1.

So now, let’s get to know this amazing up and comer, Mikhaeyla Kopievsky!

How long have you been writing?

I still remember writing my first story as a child. I had a short attention span, so it wasn’t a tome of War and Peace proportions, but it was a classic three-act structure effort with a nice hook ending that left the door open for a sequel. If my memory serves me correctly (read that in your best Iron Chef voice), it was a cracker of a story about a dinosaur that was set for certain doom until he somehow managed to turn things around and escape (there may have been a deus ex machine moment…hey! I was six years old!). I still remember the ending – “Was it the end of the dinosaur? No. But it IS the end of this story.”

I finally got back to writing stories when I hit high school and my parents splashed out on a Commodore 64. I loved that thing. The hours I would spend on it playing California Games, designing random (and probably very dodgy) pixelated artworks in paint, and writing the first pages (sometimes first chapters) of a new story…

For a long time, that was my problem – I would always start stories, but never finish them. It wasn’t until three, maybe four, years ago that I finally found out why I was afflicted with this problem. Turns out I always stopped because I never knew where I was headed. I had understood the three-act structure as a six year old, but had long forgotten it in my adult years.

Rediscovering story structure completely changed my writing life – Finally I had the tool I needed to craft stories I wanted to read. I no longer needed to rely on (and inevitably be disappointed by) the stories out there that almost sated my thirst for a certain type of story, but never fully delivered.

…Read the full interview at Writing Without Limits


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  1. Writing Without Limits

    We were happy to host you and your work!

    -WWL Team


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