Welcome to my blog, where I publish insight into my writing and editing experiences as a speculative fiction author. Here you’ll find:

  • Discussions on story structure, character development, pacing, and crafting a narrative that engages readers;
  • Interviews with indie authors;
  • Writer confessions;
  • New takes on writing approaches and advice; and
  • Random musings on genres, the book industry, self-publishing, and great stories across books, film, music, and art.

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And don’t forget to check out my Divided Elements series, which showcases the writing journey chronicled in this blog. See below for some excellent giveaways and sales to get you started!



What readers are saying about Resistance (Divided Elements #1):

“A book that would appeal to fans of dystopia (Think 1984, George Orwell) Resistance is an utterly thought-provoking and subversive book in this genre – Highly entertaining, poignant and brutal by shades, Divided Elements is an original novel, pushing the boundaries of this genre – and Mikhaeyla is surely a writer to watch out for.” Sachin Dev, author of ‘The Fate of the Nines’

“Resistance is a harsh, gut-wrenching story about Anaiya, a top-caste Fire Elemental who has been chosen to infiltrate a resistance cell of lower-level insurgents who have been spreading anti-establishment messages throughout the city; a trend that could topple the fragile balance…Kopievsky has done an incredible job of establishing both a setting and society that is unique, while at the same time portending of a future that could all too easily become our own reality.” Jamie Marriage, reviewer at Marianne DePierres

Divided Elements - Award-winning speculative fiction

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