Series, standalones, and published fiction. Self-published and traditionally-published works. Flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. In-print and out-of-print offerings.

A literary portfolio.

Divided Elements series

Dystopian trilogy + origin stories

Revelation (Divided Elements #0.5)
(Divided Elements #1)
(Divided Elements #2)
(Divided Elements #3)

Standalone Novels

Speculative Fiction

Tasmanian Gothic (a grimdark, bio-punk thriller)

Indie anthology contributions

Speculative fiction short stories and novelettes

Revelation in ‘On the Brink’ (2019, Windswept Writing)
Truth Seeker in ‘Scorpio’ (2021, Deadset Press)
Heterochromia in ‘Once Upon a Dystopia’ (2021, Amazon)

Short Fiction Publications

Speculative and literary short stories and flash fiction

Grasshopper in ‘Etherea’ (#9, 2022)