Divided Elements series


Once known as Paris, the walled city-state of Otpor is enjoying a new Golden Age.

The horrors of the Singularity and Emancipation forgotten, citizens now revel in a veritable utopia of ubiquitous drugs, alcohol, and entertainment, washed down with full employment, universal healthcare, and affordable housing. All made possible by the Orthodoxy – a new world order where everything is engineered to maximum efficiency, including identities.

From an early age, citizens are aligned and conditioned to one of four neuro-social classes named after the cardinal elements of old: single-minded Fire to enforce, creative Air to entertain, technical Water to engineer, and base Earth to labour.

All four Elements exist in complete equality, fraternity, and liberty. But, not everyone is satisfied with the status quo. Two generations after the Execution of Kane 148 and Otpor’s return to Orthodoxy, the Resistor’s legacy still lingers. Forbidden murals are appearing on crumbling concrete walls to threaten the city’s structured harmony – calling citizens to action. Calling for Resistance.

What readers are saying about Divided Elements


I loved the ideas in the book, no two ways about it. They are original and ambitious – and despite being a debut, the quality of the writing has the assured aplomb of a seasoned writer… Mikhaeyla’s society is convincing and the setting of this post-apocalyptic Paris where drugs, sex and night life spill out into the streets full of Izakaya bars is utterly arresting.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
SACHIN DEV (Author of Faith of the Nine)

A book that would appeal to fans of dystopia (Think 1984,George Orwell). Resistance is an utterly thought-provoking and subversive book in this genre – Highly entertaining, poignant and brutal by shades, Divided Elements is an original novel, pushing the boundaries of this genre – and Mikhaeyla is surely a writer to watch out for.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
ELLENFLOWER (Amazon Review)

[Resistance] stands out from the crowd and joins the ranks of among the best of the Dystopian genre novels I’ve read over the years (100’s). It’s imaginative without being depressing and left me thinking about what it is that makes us human. I’m tired of reading books that a month or 2 later, I can’t remember much of anything about them. This one won’t be forgotten.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Once Upon a Dystopia Anthology


Vanity is a crime and Cinderella must wear a mask. The big bad wolf puts on an armored suit to battle extraterrestrials. Rapunzel is forced to claim her throne and right the wrongs of the past. Snow White goes insane in a world where corporations have torn down the forests. Three siblings cross a bridge in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In a genetically altered society, one different girl will be hunted for her imperfections…

Proudly created by the authors of Dystopian Ink, Once Upon A Dystopia: An Anthology of Twisted Fairy Tales and Fractured Folklore contains twenty stories of fairy tale and folklore retellings that explore dystopian influence in literature. From Science Fiction futures to Fantasy kingdoms, the message is clear:

One person’s utopia is another’s hell.

For fans of The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Hunger Games, and Unwind, the authors from Dystopian Ink teamed up to bring you a collection of tales that distort childhood favorites into dystopian masterpieces.

Scorpio Zodiac Anthology


The Zodiac Series is a collection of Speculative Fiction anthologies inspired by the signs of the Zodiac, with each anthology focusing on a specific sign. The tales span multiple genres, including science fiction, horror, and fantasy, and are told by award-winning authors and new stars of the Australian and New Zealand speculative fiction scene.

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